Siris Capital Wine Tasting 2017 - Recinto modernista de Sant Pau




Fact sheet

Client: Siris Capital Group LLC

Event typology
:  Networking and Wine Tasting Event during MWC 2017

Number or participants: 350 pax

Date: 26 Febrero 2017

Location: Recinto Modernista Sant Pau, Barcelona


To create the perfect environment for a high level and memorable Networking Event during the MWC 2017.


Creative concept

The Modernist Precinct of Sant Pau was transformed creating different informal spaces to facilitate the Networking between guests.

Following the theme of "Wine Tasting Event", the space was redecorated with wine decoration of all kinds and spaces were divided with sets of furniture to create different areas where guests could have important conversations in an informal and relaxed environment.

More than 120 professionals worked in this event, without shows or major technical deployments, so that the 350 guests chosen had the perfect environment where to close the most important commercial agreements. For this, there was a large of wines (70 TOP references) were served and a gastronomy of the same level was prepared.


An event where everything was taken care of up to the maximum detail.


 How can you surprise and dazzle a client who does not want big technical assemblies, animations or shows, that can distract the attention of the attendees??

The answer is in the maximum attention to detail and specific needs of the client during the event, everything has to be perfect ... from the dynamics of the event, the information provided to the customers, to the Catering or selection of wines, through the distribution of different services and the staff’s problem solving ability, everything has to work automatically and without the guests have to worry about anything ... This requires a great and comprehensive work of Pre Production.


Success in the call and in the event’s repercussion.

The biggest proof of this success is that Siris Capital has already confirmed the event for the next 3 years to Bacus Eventos, choosing the same location where the event was held this year of 2017, the “Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau”. In addition, the clients feedback  as well as the other guests expections were far exceeded .