Annual convention and gala dinner dinner - Rural venue




Fact sheet

Client: Pharmaceutical company

Event typology
: Annual convention and gala dinner

Number or participants: 500 pax

Date: 13/12/2013

Location: Mas Cabañes, Argentona



Taking advantage of the fact that the date of the event was a Friday, December 13rd, the whole event was adapted to a "night of terror" theme. The main objective was to modify the appearance of the Masia Mas Cabañes - a stately sixteenth-century building - transforming it into a real house of terror, thanks to a decoration according to what was requested by the client and actors made up and characterized ad hoc for the event


Creative concept

The creative concept was based on transporting all guests in a "damn" Masia with different sets of decoration and characters from different terrorifying stories and films of fears thus taking advantage of the recurrence of the event with the fateful Friday the 13th. Bloody dolls, spider webs, dry leaves, mannequins hung from different points and visual effects such as red lights and smoke were the main creative elements to achieve the desired result.


Achieve a complete transformation of a stately space with different areas - both inside and outside - in a gloomy environment, thus attain the client's Christmas dinner into a night of terror.


By adapting the different spaces of the Masía, the desired atmosphere was recreated, thus complementing the costumes and makeup worn by a part of the attendees. A different way to celebrate Christmas dinner on such a terrifying night.